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Examining Trusts: A Basic Overview

A trust is a legal entity created by the trustor. The trustor transfers his or her property to the trustee, and the trustee manages the trustor’s property and assets for the benefit of the person who receives them.  The person(s) or entity that ultimately receives the trust property is called the beneficiary. Essentially, a trust […]

Business Planning 101

Do you own a business? Do you want to ensure all the hard work you put into the business while you are alive isn’t lost after you pass away? If so, you need to invest in business planning.

Estate Planning for Tax Purposes

Historically, the primary tax consideration in estate planning was avoidance of the Federal estate tax.  With the Federal estate tax exemption currently at $11,180,000 for individuals and $22,360,000 for married couples, estate tax planning is not as critical for most folks as it used to be.  Some people will still be affected, but there are […]