Gun Trust Planning Services by The KC Estate Planner

According to recent surveys, 22% of Americans (about 72 million people) own approximately 393 million firearms.  If you are one of those 72 million Americans, then you know how important it is to legally own, operate and possess your firearms.  But have you thought about how to legally transfer your firearms to other individuals upon your death?

The ownership, operation, possession, and transfer of firearms is strictly regulated by both state and federal law.  Without proper planning, you could inadvertently transfer your firearm to an individual who is not legally able to own or possess a firearm, and you could inadvertently cause that individual to commit a serious crime by simply owning or possessing the firearm you transferred.

Also, if you’re like most gun owners, then you probably prefer to keep the details of your private life, well, private.  Failure to plan for the disposition of your firearms will likely result in your firearms becoming part of your probate estate, at which point the probate court will determine what happens to your firearms and the rest of your property.  And everything that happens in probate court is available to the public.

The good news is that The KC Estate Planner can help! Our Bronze, Silver, or Gold Gun Trust from GunDocx will ensure that your firearms are owned and managed privately both during your life and after your death.  A Gun Trust also provides great benefits for NFA firearm owners.

If you would like to know more about setting up a Gun Trust to own and manage your firearms, call The KC Estate Planner today!