Additional Services | Real Estate & Tax Planning in Kansas City


If you are buying or selling real estate for your business or as a part of your personal investment strategy, The KC Estate Planner can review your contracts, prepare deeds and file deeds with the appropriate county office.  The KC Estate Planner can also help you resolve title issues.  There is no doubt that real estate transactions can be complex and confusing.  If you want to ensure you are getting the best deal possible, The KC Estate Planner can help.



The KC Estate Planner also provides tax planning advice related to Estate Planning, Business Planning, and Real Estate Transactions.  Although federal estate tax planning has gone out the window for a significant majority of taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Code is a maze in which it is very easy to get lost, and losing yourself in the tax code could have significant consequences.  Let The KC Estate Planner help you navigate the Internal Revenue Code to ensure that your estate planning and business planning decisions avoid potentially negative tax consequences.