Clayton S. Harper Attorney Bio | About The KC Estate Planner

About KC Estate PlannerRelationships. Experience. Affordability.

Those are just three of the many qualities that set The KC Estate Planner apart from the rest.

You have several options when it comes to Estate Planning and Business Planning services in Kansas City. However, when you choose The KC Estate Planner, you can feel confident that you will receive a personalized approach designed just for you. The KC Estate Planner takes a great deal of pride in developing relationships with every client that walks through the door.

With a detail-oriented approach, The KC Estate Planner ensures no “Ts” uncrossed and no “Is” left undotted. Clayton – the founder of The KC Estate Planner – has been through the difficult process of losing a loved one without a plan in place, and he knows how devastating and challenging it can be for those left behind. That experience motivates Clayton every day to dedicate himself to his work and to the clients he serves.

The KC Estate Planner provides complete estate planning services (including Wills, Trusts, Medical Directives, Beneficiary Deeds, and more), business planning (including Formation, Operating Agreements, Business Succession Planning, and more), and probate services. Powers of Attorney are also available, as well as Real Estate Contracts and Deeds.

As a small law firm in Leawood, Kansas, The KC Estate Planner is able to provide unparalleled personal service with significantly lower overhead (compared to larger law firms in the area). As a result, you will pay less while still receiving exceptional personal attention.

Also, as a small firm, The KC Estate Planner does not take the “corporate approach” with its clients. You are much more than just a name and a source of revenue. The KC Estate Planner will build and maintain a relationship with you and follow you through every stage of life.

If you are ready for a better, simpler and more personal approach to planning your life and your future, contact The KC Estate Planner today. No estate is too large or too small, too simple or too complex. You deserve peace of mind now and in the future, and The KC Estate Planner is here to help.