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Understanding the Probate Process

Probate is the process where your debts are settled and the legal title to your property is transferred to your beneficiaries and heirs after your death. If you have a will, and your property is subject to probate, the process begins when the executor presents the will for probate in the jurisdiction where you lived […]

The Duties of an Estate Executor or Administrator

Are you creating an estate plan for after you pass away? At some point, you will have to choose someone to be the executor or administrator of your estate. This is a personal choice and one you need to think about carefully. This is the individual who will be responsible for ensuring your estate is […]

Types of Trusts

When creating your estate plan, two of the most popular are the irrevocable and revocable living trust options. However, there are others that can be beneficial to you and your estate, as well. Get to know some of the most popular types of trusts included in estate plans here.

Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

When you hear the term “estate plan,” what comes to mind? Something that’s reserved for the very wealthy, or those with a large amount of property or valuable assets? While this is a common belief – it is simply not accurate.