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Types of Trusts

When creating your estate plan, two of the most popular are the irrevocable and revocable living trust options. However, there are others that can be beneficial to you and your estate, as well. Get to know some of the most popular types of trusts included in estate plans here.

Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

When you hear the term “estate plan,” what comes to mind? Something that’s reserved for the very wealthy, or those with a large amount of property or valuable assets? While this is a common belief – it is simply not accurate.

Advantages of Using Professional Estate Planning Services

If you are like others, you may think estate planning is only something the extremely rich need to think about. The fact is, however, virtually everyone can benefit from these services. When you have an estate plan in place, it will ensure your home, finances and your other assets are taken care of after you […]

Estate Planning: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Estate planning is something many people put off for when they are older. Unfortunately, they may not reach this stage, leaving their family to try and take care of all the issues they have left behind. Taking the time to work with a professional in this industry can help you feel secure about the future. […]