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The Best Time to Plan for Your Family's Future is Today

Planning for the future can be challenging.  Whether you are planning for the future of your family or the future of your business, it requires you to make difficult decisions about life, and it forces you to consider your own mortality.  However, The KC Estate Planner is here to help bring you peace of mind.  And the best time to begin planning for your future is right now.

Clayton S. Harper, the founder of The KC Estate Planner, knows the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.  In 2004, Clayton’s father passed away suddenly.  Without proper estate planning, Clayton’s family was forced to navigate the uncertainty without a roadmap, adding stress to grief.  In 2014, Clayton established The KC Estate Planner, LLC (formerly Clayton S. Harper, LLC), a full-service law firm dedicated to providing clients with personalized solutions to their Estate Planning and Business Planning needs at a fair and competitive price.

If you live in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, The KC Estate Planner would love to serve you.  And if you would like to talk to Clayton about your business or estate planning needs, feel free to give him a call at (816) 421-1477, (913) 296-7722, or schedule a free consultation by clicking below:

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Clay Harper is someone to be trusted with you and your families estate needs. Clay took the time to help educate my wife and I on all the different options available helped us make the right decision on our estate needs. Initially we only went with a traditional Will but as our family and assets grew we needed something more. Clay helped move our traditional will into an trust plan that meets our needs and helps protect us in the future. If you want to work with someone who truly values you as a person and the needs of your family give Clay a call. He is beyond professional and is driven to do things the right way.

Chris Vogel

Google Review

I am an attorney and Mr. Harper is the attorney I trust and recommend if someone is seeking an attorney to plan their estate. Estate Planning is a very specialized area of the law and Mr. Harper has the skills, experience, and creativity I expect out of an attorney who specializes in this area. I sleep well at night knowing that my loved ones will be taken care of after I am gone because Mr. Harper has been professional, diligent, and thorough in all my dealings with him.

Ryan M. White

Google Review

Clayton provides his clients with the experience and knowledge for their estate, trust and probate needs. Clayton is willing to help from the simplest of wills and probate cases to more complex estate planning and preparation. His willingness to sit down with his clients and truly asses their needs makes him a stand out in his field.

John Cusick

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Clayton has one goal – to help you plan for your future by utilizing all of the legal tools available. And since circumstances change over time, Clayton will build and maintain a relationship with you as your life grows and changes so that you continue to be properly prepared.

Clayton learned the importance of being prepared the hard way. In 2004, Clayton’s father unexpectedly passed away shortly after arriving to work one morning. Clayton and his family were devastated. They were also unprepared. Instead of grieving with loved ones, they were forced to make difficult decisions (like funeral arrangements and disposition of remains). They were also forced to accept the property distributions that were established by state statute. All of the additional stress and uncertainty could have been avoided with proper planning, and Clayton wants to make sure that your family avoids the uncertainty that his faced after the loss of his father.






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